A lot has changed since our firm was founded by Rudolf Friedmann in 1950; long before the advent of designers, brands and all the complexities that accompanies jewelry today. Rudolf was an expert jeweler trained in the craft by his father in Europe. His singular concern was the quality of our craftsmanship and design. Brands were for mass-produced items like toothpaste not jewelry. We are still old-fashioned in that way. We still make many one of a kind pieces. We still run our own jewelry workshop. We still create the majority of our products in the USA. When you call our office the majority of the time one of our family members will answer the phone. We have changed with the times; there’s glass signage, custom displays, model photography and all of the rest. But we really are still all about the jewelry. We hope you enjoy our website and have a feel for who we are and how our jewelry defines us. Visit Rudolf Friedmann